Easy 2X Helmet

  • 特價
  • 定價 $2,490 HKD

Multipurpose, the EASY 2X has been developed to meet all expectations, from beginner to experienced rider, from leisure to competition.

It is light, easy to use and clean.

Inside removable foam lining, breathable and washable.

Available colors : black, navy, brown.
Available sizes : from 52 to 60 


52 GPA (51cm)
53 GPA (52cm) 
54 GPA (53cm) 
55 GPA (54cm)
56 GPA (55cm)
57 GPA (56cm)
58 GPA (57cm) 
59 GPA (58cm)
60 GPA (59cm)


*Once you have picked the shell size of your choice, please let us know the liner size by leaving a message or a note with your order.