Likit Boredom Breaker

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  • Smart combination of licking stone holder and playball. To be hung-up in the box or on the paddock. Provides sensible acitivity for your horse - to reduce stress and boredom.To be used with two Likit licking stones à 250 g, or one Likit licking stone à 650 g. Supplied without licking stones!

  • Likit-licking stones are made of primary products of premium quality. Glucose molasses is the main ingredient.
    Of course all ingredients and the plastic parts are of European origin and have been put through a thorough quality inspection before having been approved of. Permanent quality controls assure our products" stable prime quality.
    Likit licking stones entertain your horse in a playful way, thus preventing boredom or anxiety in the horsebox or the paddock.
    Renowned behaviourists from the University of Cornell (USA) and the University of Bristol (GB) recommend the use of products by Likit.
    Make sure your horse has a good time - especially when you are not around!