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Suitable for treating items used in bad weather or which may become dirty by accident. Product is especially designed for all purpose leather and fabric treatment. Apply to grain, split or suede leather and cotton, wool, polyester, fibre blends... The considerable effectiveness of the product means that a few seconds’ spraying deposits only an extremely fine film that does not change the feel of the articles or their suppleness. Stain resistant. Silicon free. WATERPROOFING: Protection against rain and snow. Water-beading property. STAIN RESISTANT: Repels fats (oils, sauces, etc. ). Repels liquid products (fruit and vegetable juice, wine, etc. ). These products will not penetrate, or penetrate less deeply, into the treated surfaces, which will obviate or facilitate cleaning. USE: Waterproofing or re-waterproofing treatment. Preventive stain resistant treatment. Leather and suede: for shoes, bags and saddlebags, armchairs and sofas, jackets and coats, etc. Fabrics: for town and sport shoes, bags, armchairs and sofas, wall fabrics, jackets, parkas, tents, etc.