Collier Freejump

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The COLLIER FREEJUMP® makes it possible to establish a relationship with the neckline by maintaining frank and direct contact with the mouth. Recognized by the best riders in the world, used in many riding schools around the world, the COLLIER FREEJUMP ® meets the requirements of both professional riders and amateur riders.

“This collar is very amazing, it has a real calming effect on hot horses and is perfect for getting students working. It suits my riding very well.” PENELOPE LEPREVOST

1 collar, 2 rubber bands, 2 T-handles / available in black or brown version

Developed with Eric Navet, acclaimed by Ludger Beerbaum, the COLLIER FREEJUMP® solves the many difficulties encountered with difficult, upset, sensitive, over-willed horses, with balance problems or delicate mouths. It helps perfect the rider's stance and balance and provides an effective aid in developing a light hand.

Made of rot-proof EVA foam and leather, the COLLIER FREEJUMP® is maintenance-free and can be washed with water.
The FREEJUMP® COLLAR attaches to the saddle hooks and must be perfectly adjusted to the neck thanks to the two adjustment buckles.
The adjustment of the length of the elastic is done according to the will of the rider or his coach to work with a more or less high hand.
The ideal adjustment is obtained after several attempts and must allow the hand to be able to act both on the mouth and the base of the neckline