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German Design Award 2023 German Innovation Award 2023


With its fully Italian design and production process, Dogma XC flawlessly combines style, design and functionality. Elegant shapes and unique technological details guarantee every athlete comfort, safety and outstanding performance. The outer shell combines strength and lightness, while being scratch-resistant and easy to clean. As well as being soft and comfortable, the eco leather chin strap is hypoallergenic, washable and designed to prevent skin from getting irritated. The removable, washable inner padding is made from Merino wool. Finally, the inner shell features three different densities of expanded polystyrene to provide optimum impact protection, without compromising on lightness. The intelligent ventilation system, featuring two honeycomb grids, ensures constant air circulation, while providing extra comfort. The patented Fit System adjustment system adapts perfectly to the head, while providing support to the neck area. Available in black and black/silver, Dogma XC features a matt structure that makes this collection absolutely unique.

*** this helmet comes in 3 different sizes shell. When making an online purchase, please let us know the exact size so we can fit in the correct liner before shipping it out to you.