Elexxion Tocsen

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Smart guardian angel

With its intelligent emergency call system, the uvex elexxion Tocsen offers more safety for solo cross-country hacking. The Tocsen crash sensor integrated into the anatomical size adjustment connects with the rider’s smartphone via Bluetooth and automatically triggers an emergency call including location transmission in the event of a fall.

The uvex elexxion Tocsen is the first hybrid riding helmet with integrated emergency call system bearing the Made in Germany label. Comprising Tocsen crash sensor and smartphone app (Android & iOS), the unique technology automatically detects a fall and asks riders how they are. If they don’t respond within 30 seconds, the system automatically notifies the emergency contacts entered in the app and guides helpers directly to the site of the accident. An additional setting in the app gives the option of triggering an automated emergency call to all Tocsen users in the immediate vicinity. As a result, every outdoor sports enthusiast in the Tocsen community becomes a potential first-aider. It goes without saying that the Tocsen app is GDPR-compliant and only saves user data that is absolutely essential for the service. All information is stored exclusively on servers in Germany that meet the stringent data protection standards. Download and use of the Tocsen app are free of charge.